How Factory Incentives Save You Money on New Toyota Cars

Posted Monday, Oct 27, 2014 by nhtwpprod

Most of us have heard advertisements promoting factory incentives that mean savings when you purchase a new vehicle. But what are factory incentives and what do they mean for you? If you have your eye on one of the new Toyota cars in Los Angeles but think it’s a little out of your budget range, factory incentives may be the best way to get the car you want without paying more than you can afford. There are three basic types of factory incentives offered on cars:

  1. Low Interest Financing
  2. Cash Rebates
  3. Special Leases

Factory incentives are offered direct to consumers, or they may be offered to the Toyota dealer in Los Angeles as a way to increase sales. Either way, you will get savings on your new Toyota purchase. The main idea for incentives is to encourage consumers to buy by making it more affordable.

Shopping for Incentives

When you shop at your local Toyota dealers in Los Angeles, finding deals is always easy. During the fall, the models that are still on the lot from the current year offer customers opportunities to purchase brand new vehicles that are cheaper than the original cost. If you want one of the new Toyota cars for sale in Los Angeles, but don’t want to pay top price for a 2015 model, factory incentives can make your purchase of a new Toyota a reality.

New Car Rebates

Another incentive that we hear about frequently is “new car rebates.” This is when there is a rebate that you receive on the price of the car. For example, a $25,000 car that comes with a $3,000 new car rebate will only cost you $22,000. That’s a significant savings that could make your monthly payments a lot more affordable.

Rebates for Hybrids

Unlike the factory incentives which come from the car manufacturer, those for purchasing a hybrid are often available from the government to encourage energy efficiency and to reduce air pollution. When government rebates are available, this can mean exceptional savings for a driver who invests in a hybrid. For example, taking advantage of the factory incentives on a Toyota Prius at the Toyota dealer in Los Angeles is one way to save. Applying for rebates through the government after the purchase can help you save even more. Even if the additional rebate applies to bringing down your federal income tax, you still save money with your fuel-efficient purchase, and you get the hybrid that started it all!

Low Interest Financing

Most people would have to agree that 0% APR sounds good, even if they don’t quite know what it means. The bottom line is that the money you borrow to pay for your car will be interest-free. That means savings of thousands on the price of a new car. Whichever amount you have to borrow to pay for the car is the amount that you will have to pay.

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