Another Reason to Make Your Next Car a Toyota Camry

Posted Tuesday, Oct 21, 2014 by nhtwpprod

As if earning the title of “Best Selling Sedan” for 12 consecutive years wasn’t enough to convince you that the Toyota Camry was one of the most impressive cars for sale in Los Angeles, Toyota Motor Company has decided to ramp up the current style to update the look away from what they have always thought of as “Plain Vanilla.” This comes as a surprise to many in the industry, since the most recent makeover to the Camry took place just three years ago, and it was a comprehensive one. If you look at the different models of the Toyota cars online, you will certainly see that the 2012 model had more style than its predecessors.

Some of the updated features in the 2015 Camry include:

  • Larger Video Screen
  • Wireless Cellphone Charging System
  • More Smart-Phone-Based Apps

What drivers will notice the fastest once the new model is seen at the dealerships and in the lineup of 2015 Toyota cars online is the more sculpted design. The improved look of the Camry is the result of the automobile maker’s response to requests from drivers who have long been advocates of the popular car. While drivers are appreciative of the dedication of the company to provide vehicles that are labelled “QRD” for quality, reliability, and durability, drivers are demanding more, when it comes to style, and tech-savvy features that give the car they drive a greater feeling of style.

Until now, the Toyota Motor Company has kept the Camry “simple” to increase its appeal to a broad range of buyers. It wasn’t until buyers made them aware of their desire for improved styling after the preview of the 2011 model Camry that they realized it was time to start making some improvements. As many changes as possible were made to the 2011 model before it went on show in the showrooms, but the company did not stop there. With the 2014 model, drivers are going to get even more of the style improvements they want, and the company will finally get past the Plain Vanilla style approach that has been the only real criticism of the car through the years.

The Total Overhaul of the Toyota Camry Design

How extreme is the Toyota Camry makeover? The company has changed every body panel other than the roof! When CEO Akio Toyoda demanded that the company’s vehicles deliver a greater amount of “passion,” the company responded by performing a complete do-over of the sedan Americans love to drive. Some critics claim that the changes are still minor when compared to some of the other models of cars for sale in Los Angeles. In spite of the competition from other companies, The Camry still has the quality, durability, fuel-efficiency, and affordability that have made it a favorite of drivers for more than a decade. Now it has something else: More flavor!