Innovation: Not a New Concept to Toyota

Posted Thursday, Oct 09, 2014 by nhtwpprod

Innovation is nothing new to the Toyota Company. The automaker has long been known for their drive to implement the latest technology into their vehicles. Although the vehicles you will find at the Los Angeles Toyota dealers today are leading the way in alternative energy use, safety systems, and exceptional durability and reliability, the company is always ahead of the game when it comes to developing better technology for the future. While Toyota Motor Company is well-known for the quality of cars it builds today, the company’s aspirations to build even better cars is the basis for Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), a vehicle development framework that focuses on blending planning and design.

A lot of interested drivers look at Toyota cars online today to learn more about the options available to them in a new car. What many never consider is that the cars they see today were once the cars of the future, and the choices drivers had years ago had much less to offer in the way of technology. Today, technology is growing at an even faster speed, closing the gap between the cars that are offered to drivers today, and those of the future that will make the person driving them safer, along with every other driver on the road.

Smarter Cars through Smarter Processes

Through TNGA, Toyota is working to raise the competitiveness of basic parts, with regards to turning, riding, and braking, to world-class levels. Today, the company is able to standardize parts and units used in various vehicle models, and put them through the planning process simultaneously with plans to increase the standardization of more parts, so that they can produce better vehicles in a faster, more efficient way.

Realizing a Smart Mobility Society

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) integrates features that benefit people, vehicles, traffic, and the environment. Toyota isn’t just focused on making cars that drive better, but in creating cars that play an important role in people’s lives. They know the importance of having peace of mind when you are behind the wheel. They continue to work toward discovering the technology that will give it to you.

Toyota Vehicles Today

When you visit your Los Angeles Toyota dealers today, you will find an assortment of vehicles that reflect the dedication of Toyota Motor Company to always be innovative in creating quality, durable, safe, and comfortable vehicles that you will enjoy driving, and which give you peace of mind. As new technology and new models are added to the lineup, the diversity and quality of the vehicles will continue to grow.

Drivers who have owned Toyota vehicles in the past know the difference in what the Toyota represents. From the affordable and stylish mid-size Camry, to the luxurious Lexus, there are vehicles to accommodate drivers from all walks of life. And when you purchase a vehicle with the Toyota name, you know that you are getting the latest technology to help keep you and yours safe, comfortable, and secure. To learn more about the latest features on the Toyota vehicle of your choice, call 800-800-6730.