What Drivers Want in Fuel-Efficiency Today

Posted Thursday, Sep 25, 2014 by nhtwpprod

It’s no secret that drivers are increasingly looking toward fuel-efficiency as fuel prices remain high, and the impact on the environment continues to grow worse. Saving money and saving the planet are some of the top concerns of drivers looking for a new vehicle. As technology continues to improve, new models bring about better results and, often, higher price tags. Drivers who are limited to shopping used cars for sale in Los Angeles to get a payment that meets their budget may think they have no option for driving the most fuel-efficient vehicle. However, leasing and low-priced new hybrids offer solutions that are affordable to many people.

Types of Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

There are different types of green vehicles available on the market today, with some just making an appearance. They include:

  • Hybrids – Combine traditional gas operation with electric power
  • Electric – Uses no fuel other than the electric charge from the battery
  • Alternative Fuel – Currently, vehicles are available that run on natural gas, but those that run on hydrogen are expected to be available soon.
  • Smaller Engines, Continuously Variable Transmission, etc. – Many of the vehicles available on the lot today are made to run on less fuel, in spite of their still being reliant on gas.

The problem for many drivers who would like to make the transition to an environmentally-friendly vehicle is the cost. When the new models hit the market, they often reflect a high price tag that makes them less cost-effective for some drivers. However, if a driver doesn’t like the choices available from the used vehicles, another alternative would be to get a Toyota Prius lease. Leasing a vehicle is usually a more affordable option that allows the driver to enjoy the benefits of the newest model without the high price tag that goes with it. There are also a number of reasons to focus on the Toyota Prius.

Features of the Toyota Prius

There are several reasons that the Toyota Prius is the top-selling hybrid in the nation today. Here are a few of them:

  • Available in 4 different models to meet a variety of lifestyles
  • Stylish midsize car
  • Exceptional mileage
  • Includes up-to-date technology
  • Affordable: even if you decide to purchase, instead of taking out a Toyota Prius lease, the Prius is one of the most affordable cars on the market today, not only when compared with other hybrids

Of the four Prius models, the Prius C is the smallest member of the family, aimed at city drivers who want the best possible mileage, and who require a smaller car for maneuvering through heavy traffic. Other models include the original Prius, more luxurious Prius V, and the Prius Plug-In, which gives you the choice of operating in all electric power, or in hybrid mode for longer trips. The good news is that car buyers who are shopping for used cars in Los Angeles will still get exceptional mileage and a great quality car when they purchase a pre-owned Prius model. To learn more, call North Hollywood Toyota at 818-508-2967.