Your Los Angeles Toyota Dealer has a Pickup to Fit Your Lifestyle

Posted Tuesday, Sep 16, 2014 by nhtwpprod

Making the decision between a car, SUV, crossover, or truck can be difficult, once you arrive at the Los Angeles car dealerships. Trucks are a lot more popular as personal vehicles than they used to be, sporting more attractive designs and updated features that make them adaptable to a lot of different lifestyles. Pickup trucks make it easier to get to those out-of-the-way places that aren’t accessible with a car, while updated features make them more comfortable, and an even safer method of transportation than ever before. Pickup trucks also have a higher resale value, than many vehicles, so that they offer you more bargaining power when you decide to trade your truck in on a newer or different model, down the road.

The two models of pickup trucks available at your Los Angeles Toyota dealers are the Tacoma and the Tundra. The V6 engine of the Tacoma offers plenty of power for pulling recreational equipment, while the choice of 3 cab styles lets you get the access you need for yourself, the two of you, or the entire family. For bigger jobs, the Toyota Tundra has a V8 engine and is available in 2- or 4- wheel drive. As your Toyota dealer in Los Angeles, North Hollywood Toyota is one of the leading choices for new and certified used Toyota cars and trucks. Use this site to learn more about the features of the Toyota Tacoma and Tundra, and see why a pickup truck might be the right choice for you.