How Toyota Is Making Smarter Cars

Posted Tuesday, Sep 16, 2014 by nhtwpprod

An article that appeared in Huffington Post in 2012 talks
about how Toyota Motor Corp. was testing car systems that allowed vehicles to
communicate with each other. The article was referring to the Intelligent
Transport System that received information from sensors that reduced the risk
of accidents when cars were coming towards them from a blind spot, or
pedestrians were crossing the street. While not yet a part of the lineup of
cars for sale in Los Angeles, the company is making significant progress with
the features that are needed to give drivers the technology that will make them
feel safe and create a greater peace of mind while they are behind the wheel.
The company’s goal is to
make all of the new Toyota cars in Los Angeles more effective at preventing
than any vehicle to date.

Toyota’s smart car technology is a part of the company’s
ongoing dedication to create a safe and secure mobile society, while
maintaining the joy that drivers get from their experience behind the wheel.
The technology is going to be tested on Japanese roads sometime this year, with
similar tests tentatively planned in the United States in the near future. The
cars made with the modern technology have cutting-edge Lane Trace Control that
keeps drivers between the white lines and ITS technology, which results in Cooperative-Adaptive
Cruise Control, giving drivers an entirely new level of security by sharing
information about acceleration and deceleration with the vehicles in front of
and behind them. The vehicle maintains an accurate speed that is based on the vehicle
ahead so that a safe amount of distance is maintained in between them. This
feature also helps improve fuel efficiency.

Lane Trace Control offers safe driving on urban highways
that have numerous sharp curves. The vehicle detects upcoming curves with an
onboard camera and roadmaps. If the vehicle determines that the vehicle is
traveling too fast for an upcoming curve, it automatically decelerates before
entering it. Once it comes out of the curve, the vehicle automatically returns
to its previous speed. It also allows for automated steering control over a
wide range of driving conditions.

Smart technology is the future of safe driving for a safer
and more secure mobile society. The inventory of pre-owned and new Toyota cars
in Los Angeles also reflect the dedication that Toyota has toward creating
safe, innovative vehicles with the most advanced technology. Many of the
vehicles that you will find at North Hollywood Toyota feature safety features
that surpass those of other brands in similar sizes and price ranges. Until
smart technology has made its way to the United States in the near future,
drivers can always have a safer, more secure driving experience behind the
wheel of a Toyota. To learn more about the vehicles we offer and schedule your
test drive in a car that will deliver a safe, secure and enjoyable driving
experience, call 800-800-6730.