How to Personalize Your Toyota

Posted Tuesday, Sep 16, 2014 by nhtwpprod


Although most drivers’ primary concern when purchasing a car is to get a great value in a car that will meet their specific driving needs, many of us would also like to have a vehicle that is more recognizable because of its uniqueness. For many people who purchase one of the new Toyota cars in Los Angeles, the biggest problem they encounter is in trying to stand out from the rest. Even if you purchase a certified preowned Toyota, the popularity of all the Toyota models and the durability they are known for means that there will be many similar vehicles on the road. If you want to make your black Camry stand out as your own, you don’t have to invest in a custom paint job to give your car personality. These simple ways of personalizing your vehicle will be enough to make it distinct.

1.    Antenna Toppers – The popularity of antenna toppers comes and goes, but they can really make a statement for the small space that they occupy. All types of characters are available, including those from your favorite sports team. Just make sure you purchase a backup, since they may be too attractive for a thief to pass up.


2.    Personalized License Plates – Not only are there many styles of license plates available from the DMV, there is also the option to come up with a personal message that will make your vehicle easily recognizable. There is also the option to put a license plate frame in a complete design or one to which you can add your own decorative touch.


3.    Decorative Air Freshener – Remember the fuzzy dice that used to hang from rearview mirrors in the past? The modern version does double duty as an air freshener with a decorative touch. There are lots of designs to choose from, including upscale figures that are beautifully sculptured and which can be placed anywhere in the car.


4.    Family Stickers – Sure, there are lots of vehicles sporting these whimsical figures to represent their family members, right down to the family pets. But they are also unique in that they let you choose figures that have a variety of physical features and special interests.


5.    Seat and Steering-Wheel Covers – Although these details may not be as highly visible from the outside as they are to you and your passengers, the right designs and colors can make your car very distinguishable from up close. Look for bold colors and distinctive patterns that will make your interior stand out!


6.    Tattoo Your Car – From a few simple vinyl stickers, to a custom designed side decal for your Toyota Prius plug-in, there is an infinite number of decals to choose from to give your Toyota a unique and decorative flare.


Your choice of any of the certified preowned or new Toyota cars in Los Angeles doesn’t have to end with the style it comes with. Add the personal touches that will make it all your own. To learn more about the large selection of new and certified preowned Toyotas at North Hollywood Toyota, call 800-800-6730.