Fuel cell vehicles on their way to the la toyota dealers

Posted Tuesday, Sep 16, 2014 by nhtwpprod

Toyota is well-known for their dedication to creating
vehicles that are better for the environment. After twenty years of work, the
company is planning to introduce the first Toyota fuel cell vehicle (FCV) in
2015. The vehicle is expected to be available at Los Angeles Toyota dealers and
other locations throughout the state of California and, possibly, in some of
the areas of the northeast by the end of next year. While a number of hybrids
and plug-ins from Toyota are already offered in the lineup of new cars for
sale in Los Angeles
, the Toyota FCV is being promoted not only as a more
fuel-efficient way to drive, but as the next big movement towards a better

While many drivers have been looking forward
enthusiastically for some time with the hopes of having an FCV as a choice from
the lineup at the Toyota dealers, most lack an understanding of how the
technology will work. In a sense, the vehicle operates on electricity, but not
in the traditional sense of the hybrid cars already for sale in Los Angeles.
Instead, hydrogen is used as the fuel source, to create electricity from a
chemical reaction that occurs between the hydrogen and oxygen that is taken in
from outdoors. The amazing difference in the way these vehicles work in
comparison to any other vehicle is that the only byproduct produced is water.

A Familiar Look

The design of the FCV is based on the Lexus HS, a
short-lived hybrid that was available during 2009. While some modifications of
the design were required to create the needed airflow and aerodynamics, the
final version is expected to be very similar.

Most Important
Concerns for Drivers

While the impact of the new FCV technology is an important
one for drivers, the practical issues are those that will play a big role in
whether they are the first choice in a new car, or if they will be better
suited to one of the other hybrid cars for sale in Los Angeles. The most
significant of these issues is how fueling will work. Unlike electric cars, the
new vehicles that run on hydrogen cannot be fueled at home. Instead, you will
need to use approved hydrogen refueling stations. This is the reason that the
first vehicles will be released only in a limited geographical area in the
beginning. Once a nationwide infrastructure has been implemented, the vehicles
will be functional anywhere.

One you find a refueling station, filling the twin hydrogen
tanks will take about the same amount of time as filling a tank with gasoline.
While comparable to the time it takes for fuel-powered vehicles, the new FCV
offers much more convenience at refueling than electric cars that must be
charged for hours. Also comparable to gas-fueled vehicles, the FCV will go just
over 300 miles before it again requires fuel.

Drivers are also expected to be happy with the drive they
get from the fuel cell vehicle. Fast acceleration and a smooth ride, combined
with responsive steering, makes driving the FCV similar to the experience you
would have with any of the vehicles you will find at the Los Angeles Toyota
dealers. To learn more about the lineup of quality fuel-efficient cars, call us
at 800-800-6730.