Advantages of Purchasing a Prius in Los Angeles from Leading Toyota Dealers

Posted Tuesday, Sep 16, 2014 by nhtwpprod

The Toyota Prius is one of the leading midsize cars, offering exceptional fuel mileage of 51/48 mpg, stylish good looks, and generous storage space. As your leading Toyota dealership in Los Angeles, Northern Hollywood Toyota can offer you the option to customize a new Prius hybrid in any one of the 4 model levels for the vehicle that fits your lifestyle. The standard model is the third generation and a true full hybrid. Also available is the Prius C, with a city-friendly size and EPA estimated 53 city mpg rating, for the highest mpg of any vehicle that lacks a plug. The Prius Plug-In has the most advanced features of the four models, while the Prius V completes the quad as the newest model, bringing exceptional gas mileage and super low emissions to the line-up.
If you are looking for a good quality used Prius in Los Angeles, we can offer you the deals that you won’t find at other used car dealerships in Los Angeles. As Toyota dealers, we offer Toyota certified pre-owned Prius and other models of Toyota vehicles that have been put through a rigorous inspection to ensure they are operating properly and are of the best quality. A pre-owned certified Prius can provide you with the same exceptional gas mileage that you will get from a new car, while letting you stick to your budget. Whether you purchase a new, or pre-owned Prius, it is important to go to the Toyota dealers you can trust. To get the best performance and satisfaction from your purchase, you can count on North Hollywood Toyota for the best vehicles and the best deals. To learn more about our certification process, or about any of our products, take advantage of our Live Chat 24/7.