New U2 Minivan May Be the Minivan of the Future

Posted Monday, Sep 15, 2014 by nhtwpprod

Toyota has introduced its new version of a small utility
van, the Urban Utility concept vehicle, or U2. The company created the vehicle
in response to the increasing practices of urbanites, who are taking an
interest in getting closer to nature and pursuing more natural practices such
as urban farming. Although it has not yet been determined if the U2 will be available
as part of the cars for sale in Los Angeles
, the new model will be
displayed at New York’s World Maker Faire on September 21st and 22nd.  For those who want to get a peek at the new
utility van, simply browse the new Toyota cars online.

Some people are describing the U2 as a modern version of the
old panel van. It is designed for flexibility, maneuverability, and fun! The
small size and high fuel-efficiency meets the demand for a vehicle with a
smaller footprint, while maintaining the appearance of a traditional van. Some
of the features that make the U2 stand out are:

– LED headlights

– Checker board side panels

– Roll-back roof for tall loads

– Retractable rear glass

– Fold-down rear converts into ramp for loading into the

– Utility rail system for mounting

– Fold down seats for added space

The U2 is designed specifically for driving in the city and
is made to handle bumper-to-bumper traffic, tight corners, and potholes with
finesse! This new model symbolizes the dedication that the Toyota Company has
for bringing new and innovative vehicles to the consumer that meet their
changing lifestyles.

Traditional Mini Van
with a Twist

While the U2 is not yet set for production, the Toyota’s 2015
Sienna minivan has been refreshed and will be among the new Toyota cars for
sale in Los Angeles in next year’s lineup. Although Toyota hopes to bring the
“cool factor” back to minivans with the U2, the Sienna is all about being
practical. For families who struggle to control kids in the back of the van,
the new intercom feature makes communicating while you drive a much easier

Also, unlike the U2, Toyota is forgoing the standard
auto-show debut and instead showing the new Sienna as part of a video
demonstration from parents demonstrating their appreciation of the Sienna
as part of the new Toyota cars online

Although the Sienna may not have the “cool factor” that
Toyota hopes to bring back with the U2, it does have all the features that have
created a faithful minivan following in the first place. The 2015 model
maintains its exterior styling and gains interior touches like black leather
seats with white stitching. While the Sienna is still a practical vehicle
choice for drivers who care about driving a reliable and practical vehicle with
exceptional hauling capabilities, it represents the move away from more
utilitarian vehicles by offering modern styling and more luxury features that
make it comfortable to drive and ride in for the long haul. To learn more about
the arrival of the 2015 Toyota Sienna, call North Hollywood Toyota at