Guess Who Is Driving a Toyota Prius!

Posted Thursday, Aug 07, 2014 by nhtwpprod


Most of us enjoy the feeling that comes from sharing
something in common with our favorite celebrities. Most of them live a
lifestyle of extravagance and privilege that the majority of us do not. That
makes it even more rewarding to share something in common. While choosing the
same brand as a celebrity isn’t necessarily something you have in mind when
comparing the cars for sale in Los Angeles, you may be surprised in whose footsteps
you may be following when you decide on a new
or used Toyota Prius
for your next car.

About the Toyota

The Prius is the first mass-produced gas-electric hybrid,
first making its appearance on the market in Japan in 1997, and then worldwide
in 2000. Some of the features that continue to make the Prius a favorite today
are its roomy interior, exceptional fuel-efficiency, and affordability. The
Prius began its run by winning the Car of the Year Japan award immediately
after its introduction, and it has continued to win honors for safety,
environmentally free operation, and performance.

While most celebrities don’t take affordability into account
when selecting which car to drive, a larger number of them are becoming more
aware of the environment and are making green choices to reduce their impact.
While there is quite a list of celebrities who have now purchased their first
Prius, it may be more difficult to list the celebrities who don’t have a new or
used Toyota Prius in their garage. Some of those that do include:

– Leonardo DiCaprio

– Sarah Jessica Parker

– Dustin Hoffman

– Kate Bosworth

– Gwyneth Paltrow

– Rachel Bilson

– Owen Wilson

– Jennifer Aniston

– Cameron Diaz

– Orlando Bloom

– Natalie Portman

– Julia Roberts

– Kate Hudson

– Bradley Cooper

– Rachel Bilson

– Jeff Goldblum

– Will Ferrell

And many others! If you think the Prius isn’t the right car
to suit your personality, keep in mind that everyone from Miley Cyrus to
Harrison Ford has a Prius in their garage. It is obvious from the diversity of
individuals who have the option to choose any car they want, and who have made
the Prius their choice, that there has to be a lot to offer in the vehicle
which has been leading the pack since making its first appearance.

Dependability: A
Universal Requirement

The last thing anyone wants is to drive a vehicle that
requires a lot of maintenance or which is more likely to end up on the side of
the road than back in their garage. Celebrities have even more reason for
concern when choosing the vehicle that they will take to the grocery, shopping,
or for time out with their families. Getting stuck on the side of the road
where they will be recognized could put them in a dangerous situation that the
majority of us never have to consider. The reputation that Toyota has for
strong performance and durability is another reason that celebrities are likely
to lean towards the Prius when shopping for a car.

If you want to join your favorite celebrity and reduce your
impact on the environment, while also having a reliable car that will get you
where you need to go and back home safely, a new or used Toyota Prius is always
a good choice. Call us at 800-800-6730 to ask about our inventory of Toyota
Prius and the option for getting a Prius lease.