Is Less-than-Perfect Credit Holding You Back?

Posted Tuesday, Jun 17, 2014 by nhtwpprod

More people are keeping their vehicles longer because they
simply can’t afford to purchase a new vehicle, or even a used one, as often as
they did in the past. Although trying to get the most use from their vehicles
is one of the reasons some people
postpone a trip to the car dealerships in Los Angeles
, others have a
completely different reason. A rough economy has also had an impact on a number
of people’s credit ratings.

There are many reasons that people experience a poor credit
rating, especially during challenging economic times. They may have found that
when they go to other Los Angeles car dealerships, they get treated badly.
Instead of getting understanding and being met with information that can help
them get the resolution they need, they end up being turned away or given
offers that simply aren’t a good option for them at the time.

One of the most important services we offer at North
Hollywood Toyota is that for our credit-challenged customers who simply don’t
understand their options or know what they need to do to get a much-needed
vehicle. This service includes:

– A wide selection of quality vehicles that are inexpensive
and reliable. We are proud of our GINORMOUS selection of used cars that is
estimated to include twice the number of vehicles of the average Toyota dealers
in Los Angeles. You never have to worry that we are just pretending to have
your best interests at heart — while we really just want to sell you a vehicle
and go on to the next customer. We care about getting each customer the right
vehicle at the right price.

– Unlike other Los Angeles Toyota dealerships, we are a part
of a group of companies that own an auto finance institution. As part of our
services, the institution reports positive information to all of the credit
bureaus whenever you make timely payments. Instead of just getting punished for
the things that go wrong, you get rewarded when you do something right. And you
get to start working on repairing your credit!

– We understand that things are difficult for you right now,
and that with the right help they could be a lot better in the future. That’s
why we treat your situation with respect and help you make the choices that
will improve your situation in the future.

The Los Angeles Toyota dealer you choose to do business with
really can make a difference. If you want to learn more about getting a used
car loan in Los Angeles, give us a call at 800-800-6730.