Toyota: American as apple pie

Posted Wednesday, May 07, 2014 by nhtwpprod

When customers come to the North Hollywood Toyota dealers,
they feel good about being able to do
business with a local dealership
where they know they will get a good deal.
Many of the people who come here to buy a car aren’t here for the first time.
They have done business with us before, or else they know someone who did who gave
them our name as their recommendation. That type of business is important to
us. We care about the community and having a positive impact on people’s lives.


There are many people today who have a strong sense of pride
in their country, who want to buy what they need from companies that make their
products in America. After all, buying American-made is the best way to build
jobs and stimulate the economy. While there are those who still feel that
buying a Toyota vehicle from their Los Angeles Toyota dealers is wrong because
they come from a Japanese auto maker, most of the people who feel that way don’t
understand the presence of the auto maker in this country and what their
business has meant to Americans.


Toyota has 10 manufacturing plants across the United States
where they have created 365,000 jobs for Americans. During the 57 years they
have been operating in the United States, they have invested $20.1 billion
directly into the country. Nine models of Toyota vehicles are assembled here in
states like Kentucky and Texas. Toyota dealerships across the country work hard
for their customers, to provide them with the best possible experience when
they need a vehicle. These Toyota dealers also work for their communities and
the people in need.


At North Hollywood Toyota, we are proud of the vehicles we
sell, and the contribution that TMC has made to many people across the country.
We strive to represent their feelings toward the people and the environment in
the way we do business, too. To learn more about our Los Angeles Toyota
dealership, call 800-800-6730.