North Hollywood Toyota: Where it all got started

Posted Wednesday, May 07, 2014 by nhtwpprod

At some point along the way, every person or group who makes the decision to own their own auto dealership must decide the car brand that they want to sell. Naturally, most are going to go with one that they feel has the best chance of selling in large numbers so that they can expect big profits. While any Toyota dealer might have made their choice based on the quality of vehicles and the durability that Toyota is known for, there are many more factors that make it a company for which you would want to work.

The first Toyota dealership that opened in the United States was also in Hollywood, California in 1957. That year, an unimpressive 287 customers bought a Toyopet Crown, the first vehicle Toyota offered for sale in the states. Today, the company has grown to include ten plants throughout the United States, where more than 1.25 million vehicles are produced each year. Also, they have not only earned more patents in a single year than any other automakers, but also more than Apple or Google.

Toyota is also proud of their contribution to many areas that help people. Some of their contributions have gone toward:


– Rebuilding the visitor center at Yellowstone National Park

– Assisting the St. Bernard Project in New Orleans to rebuild homes for Hurricane Katrina victims

– Aiding the Food Bank for New York City

Some of these reasons are why Toyota is the first choice of many drivers who are looking for the vehicle that is right for them. All of these facts are reasons that North Hollywood should be your first choice in Los Angeles Toyota dealers. We believe that one of the most important things to our Toyota dealership is to be a part of our local and extended community. We enjoy the opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of others. We are also proud of the quality of vehicles we have to offer and the great deals we provide to our customers. Learn more about our gigantic inventory and the special programs we have available to make getting the vehicle you need more affordable. Call 800-800-6730.