Toyota Hybrids Sales Tops 6 Million

Posted Tuesday, Apr 29, 2014 by nhtwpprod

Toyota has long had a reputation for creating the most
energy-efficient hybrids. Their dedication is reflected in the 6.072 million
units that were sold by the company by the end of the year in 2013. Toyota
believes that the only way that environment-friendly vehicles can have a
positive impact is if they are widely used. The hybrids you will find at the
North Hollywood Los Angeles car dealers reflect the company’s dedication to
encourage mass-market adoption of hybrid vehicles by making vehicles that are
fun to drive and which have the features that are appealing to more drivers.

Many drivers are surprised to learn that the lineup of
hybrids at the Los Angeles Toyota dealers and at dealerships around the world
includes 24 models and one plug-in hybrid. Toyota also has plans to launch 15
new hybrids, including their new “Harrier Hybrid” which will be released in
Japan in January. Toyota was responsible for releasing the Prius, the world’s
first mass-produced hybrid passenger vehicle in 1997, after which the hybrids
have received strong support from consumers all around the globe.

As Toyota continues working on improving performance,
reducing costs, and expanding the current lineup, customers have the option to
enjoy their choice in a new or used hybrid that fits their needs and their
budget from one of the leading Los Angeles used car dealerships. Call us to
learn more about purchasing a new hybrid or EV, or about getting a Toyota Prius
lease today at 800-800-6730.