TMC keeps innovation coming to Toyota dealerships

Posted Tuesday, Apr 29, 2014 by nhtwpprod

Innovation is one of the main focuses of the Toyota Motor
Company. As the company continues to add new technology to the design, safety,
and efficiency of their vehicles, customers continue to look forward to seeing
what the next vehicles at the Toyota dealers will feature. It should really
come as no surprise that Toyota plans to begin verification testing of a newly
developed wireless battery charging system for their vehicles which have an
electrified powertrain. This includes plug-in
hybrids, as well as all-electric vehicles

The plan is to allow drivers of hybrids and EVs to charge
their vehicles while they are parked in alignment over a coil on the surface of
the ground. This will make it simpler and more convenient to keep cars charged
and ready to go. The wireless charging system implements magnetic-resonance
technology to transmit electricity through the magnetic resonance that comes
from the changes in magnetic field intensity, which occurs between the coil on
the ground that transmits, and a coil on the vehicle that receives.

TMC has also developed a new parking assist function to show
drivers the position of the transmitting coil within the parking space, making
it easy for the driver to park in the optimum position for effective charging.
The verification test will consist of using three plug-in hybrid vehicles over
the course of one year. The factors to be determined from the test will include
user satisfaction, how user-friendly the system is, misalignment rates, and
charging behavior. The results obtained from this testing will be applied to
the development of future technology, with commercialization as the ultimate
aim. Toyota believes this process will help to promote electrified vehicles,
while also making mobility that is smarter, easier to use, and more
environment-friendly. To learn more about our current lineup of hybrids and
EVs, browse our selection of Toyota cars online or call us at 800-800-6730.