What are you giving yourself as a college graduation gift?

Posted Thursday, Apr 17, 2014 by nhtwpprod

Starting college is
a new phase in life, and one that is often very challenging. It takes a lot to
adjust to being away from home for the first time. On the other end, graduation
from college is also filled with the potential for new experiences and, often,
with a lot more responsibilities and concerns. Many recent college graduates do
not know where they will be once the graduation is ended. Money can be tight
while they search for the perfect place to start their new career. No matter
what the plan,
a new or certified used car from the local
Toyota dealership is likely to be in order

How your Los Angeles Toyota dealers make it
easier for the college grad

Getting established
in your area of expertise may be something that doesn’t happen quickly or with
ease. Fortunately, the College Grad Rebate Program is one of the significant
ways that we work to provide you with quality vehicles at a better price that
you might have expected. The program pays a $750 rebate on select new Toyota
models whenever you finance or lease your vehicle through a Toyota dealer or
Toyota Financial Services. In addition, the program requires no down payment
and no payments for 90 days when you choose one of our select finance programs
while purchasing new untitled Toyota vehicles.

Choose a new or certified pre-owned Toyota

Depending on your
specific situation, you may want to consider your options very carefully. New
vs Used, Purchase vs Lease, or Energy-Efficient Gas vs Hybrid or EV. No matter
what you choose, you always get a quality vehicle that is going to last you for
a number of years down the road. On top of this great rebate, we also offer a
number of other specials on various vehicles throughout the year. To learn more
about our College Graduate Program or about your financing options, call us at