New gas engines from Toyota boost fuel efficiency

Posted Monday, Apr 14, 2014 by nhtwpprod

Technology is a big
deal for the Toyota Company and for
many of the drivers who shop around with the
different car dealers in Los Angeles
. One of the most important things on many drivers’ lists today is fuel
efficiency. With the erratic costs of fuel, the amount of gas you have to buy
each week just for the driving you have to do — without considering
recreational driving — can be a big chunk of your financial obligations. A
vehicle that uses less gas can save you a lot of money over time. That’s one of
the reasons that many drivers end up making their decision to buy at the Toyota

Toyota Company leaders in technology

Toyota has long been
known for their interest in technology and their focus on creating
fuel-efficient vehicles that are better for the driver and for the environment.
Now, the company that many drivers already trust has developed a new series of
gas engines that will provide an improvement of 10% in fuel-efficiency. Soon,
the vehicles sporting the newly-developed engines will be incorporated into the
new Toyota cars in Los Angeles.

The new gasoline
engines are based on technology that Toyota has already refined in the
company’s dedicated hybrid engines. Among them, a 1.3 liter engine which uses
the Atkinson cycle to achieve a maximum thermal efficiency of 38% and a 1.0
liter engine that has been developed with Daihatsu Motor Co. with a maximum
thermal efficiency of 37%. Not only will you get the most fuel-efficient cars
available today, but at North Hollywood Toyota you always get the outstanding
service, great selection, and super specials that make your purchase of a high
quality vehicle an even more affordable one the day you purchase it and every
day that you are behind the wheel. To learn more, call us at 818-762-7478.