Toyota looks to future by developing top-notch engineers

Posted Tuesday, Mar 25, 2014 by nhtwpprod

The Toyota name is well-known for its innovation and dedication
for creating technology that will lead to a more energy-efficient vehicle for
tomorrow. Now, Toyota Motor Manufacturing is partnering with Kentucky State
University and donating scholarship money that is aimed at minority candidates
with the potential to make top-notch engineers in the future. This program will
tie in directly with the manufacturing plant located in nearby Georgetown, KY.
Located just 21 miles from the University in Frankfort, this will help Toyota
make the connection between their need for talented engineers, and the students
who otherwise would not be able to pursue the education they need to become
qualified. This is another way that Toyota has found to improve the technology
that will be at the Toyota dealers in the future, while also reaching out to
the communities where they operate.

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