Toyota funds film to feature women’s part in Kentucky history

Posted Tuesday, Mar 25, 2014 by nhtwpprod

The history pages are filled with stories of strong and
intelligent men whose names have become familiar ones to students through the
years. Too often, women who played an important role in the historic events of
the state have been neglected. Toyota is giving a $100,000 contribution to fund
a film that will raise awareness of the contributions women have made to the
history of Kentucky. Working in partnership with the Kentucky Commission on
Women, Toyota Motor Manufacturing will send a message to viewers about how
women in the state have made significant contributions throughout history and
how they continue to have an impact today. At the same time, they will be
sending a message about how much they value every customer and understand that each
person has unique needs when it comes to driving

Women across the nation know that they have made great
strides at taking an equal place alongside men in society in every area of their
lives. In spite of their accomplishments, women still find places where they
are treated differently, often not getting the same respect that a man would
receive. In the past, a woman wouldn’t dream of going to the Toyota dealership
on her own to choose and purchase a vehicle. The collaboration by Toyota to
create this important film is just one way that we let our customers know that
they will always be treated fairly and with respect when they visit their Los
Angeles Toyota dealers.

Today’s woman not only earns an income and takes care of
multiple responsibilities for her home and her family, but many own and operate
their own businesses. She relies on her transportation to provide reliable
transportation to get her where she needs to be on time and to keep her family
safe when on the way to practice or home from school. Getting the best price on
a good quality vehicle is important to her. That’s what she will get every time
she visits North Hollywood Toyota.   We take pride in being a Toyota dealer in Los
Angeles that serves the individual with programs and specials to suit every
driver. For more information, call 800-758-5949.