When it is okay to change your mind at the Toyota dealers

Posted Thursday, Mar 06, 2014 by nhtwpprod

You’ve done the research, estimated your spending budget,
and scheduled a test drive of the car you determined to be right for you. You
are excited about getting a new car when you arrive at the Toyota dealership,
but are quickly distracted by some other models that you hadn’t really
considered. You had a new Toyota Camry in mind, but
now you see a used Toyota Prius that has just been added to the inventory that
is calling your name
. What do you do?

Change your mind before you make the purchase

Instead of summoning up all the determination you have
inside to “stay the course” and make the original purchase that you had in
mind, ask yourself some questions that will help you make the best decision
based on your original criteria. It is better to change your mind before you do
the paperwork, sign your name and take your new car home. Before you make a
vehicle your own, stop and think about which one it is going to be. Some of the
considerations to make include:

  • What was your primary need in a vehicle? Fuel
    economy, room for a growing family, or great looks are some of the priorities
    that drivers give to finding a new vehicle. Determine what your priorities are
    and compare how well they stack up against the new find.

  • Price is always a factor. Although the newest
    find may be a used vehicle, whereas the original choice you made was a new
    model, you may be able to get a certified used Toyota in a model that you could
    otherwise not afford. Certified Toyotas are vehicles that have already had at
    least one owner and which are still high quality vehicles with a lot of life
    left in them. You may be able to upgrade without spending any more money.

  • Consider your driving and maintenance costs. While
    pricing may be similar, there can be significant differences in how much it
    costs to drive one, in comparison to the other. Also, check with your insurance
    company to see what the rates will be. Sometimes upgrading to a more expensive
    car can also mean paying more for insurance coverage.

Before you head to the Toyota dealer of Los Angeles, make a
list of important features, limits, and every detail used to make your initial
decision. Take it with you when you go for a test drive to help you make your
final decision so you get it right the first time. Call us at 800-800-6730 to
learn more.