Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Owner’s Manual

Posted Monday, Feb 03, 2014 by nhtwpprod

The majority of customers who drive off the lot from the car
dealers in Los Angeles with a new or used vehicle never look at the driver’s
manual in the glove box unless something goes wrong later on. When a light
comes on that they don’t recognize, or they can’t get a feature to work, they
might look for the manual to help them figure out what has changed. Even then,
many people will go to the mechanic’s instead of reaching for the book.

One of the first things you should do when you get home with
a new vehicle is look through the driver’s manual. Whether you have purchased a
certified preowned Toyota or a brand new model, the driver’s manual is a
valuable accessory that is filled with pertinent information about your
vehicle. It will tell you how often you should change your oil, when any belts
need to be replaced, and the optimal fuel choice and oil for driving it.

For many of the drivers who shop for used Toyota cars in Los
Angeles, there may be features on the vehicle that they purchased that they are
not even aware of. Taking the time to look through the driver’s manual will not
only provide you with insight about the features that will make your driving
experience a more versatile one; it can reveal hidden features that could
simply make driving more fun. It can also tell you where the spare tire is so
that you don’t have to search on the side of the road, when the unexpected
happens. If you can prefer, you will find the owner’s manual for most Toyota
cars online so that the information you need about your new purchase is only a
few clicks away.