Safe vehicles no longer determined by size

Posted Monday, Jan 06, 2014 by nhtwpprod

In the past, people who were concerned about the safety of a vehicle in regards to providing adequate protection during a crash would opt for a larger vehicle. Any time a smaller vehicle was driven, it was understood that there was a tradeoff between size and safety. Today, this is no longer true. The smaller vehicles you will find at the Toyota dealerships for 2014 include the popular Toyota Camry, which is qualified as a Top Safety Pick, along with the Toyota Prius. This gives drivers the option of purchasing a smaller vehicle with good to exceptional fuel mileage, while still getting a car that offers the safety features to give them peace of mind.

Crumple zones are one of the features that sets today’s small cars apart from those of the past. These are areas of the car that are designed to break or fold when a crash happens. This reduces the force and keeps the areas that receive the greatest impact from the crash away from the interior where the passengers are located.

Another advantage that small cars offer is their lower risk of rolling over. Larger vehicles are more prone to rolling over because of their high center of gravity. In the one area where smaller vehicles are at a disadvantage is their position closer to the ground, which could make a side impact more detrimental to the passengers. However, there are also vehicles with side airbags and side-impact protection systems in the doors to reduce the risk associated with side impact. In addition, blind spot monitors and alerts to rear traffic help to minimize the potential for impact in the first place.

If you make the purchase of a new Prius at the Los Angeles Toyota dealership, or you make the choice of a new Toyota Camry, you can feel confident that you are driving a safe vehicle with the features you need to keep you safe in a crash. If a new vehicle isn’t in your budget, consider a Toyota Prius lease that will offer you the advantage of driving a new vehicle, with all of the features you want from a smaller car that is safe and reliable.