What impact do gas prices have on auto sales

Posted Friday, Dec 13, 2013 by nhtwpprod

Anyone who spends any time at all on the road has noticed the fluctuations in gas prices over the past several months. Most people who make their way into the Los Angeles Toyota dealerships today are at least somewhat concerned about the cost of fuel when they need to purchase a new vehicle. It probably isn’t much of a surprise, when gas prices rise, that fewer people purchase larger vehicles, including trucks, while there are more sales of small vehicles which are more fuel-efficient.

What may be surprising is that increases that cause more people to purchase smaller don’t also lead to a significantly larger number of hybrids and EVs being sold. That’s because people don’t only consider their fuel cost as a part of the overall picture when it is time to make a purchase. There are also other factors that go into their decision, such as how far they drive each day and what they do with their vehicle. While some car buyers are happy with a certified used Toyota that will get them to work and back, each day, others require more from their vehicle and may depend on it to transport clients to various locations. For them, a luxury car with plenty of space is essential.

Many customers look at the different models of Toyota cars online before they come to the dealership to take a car for a test drive. Most will consider the fuel-efficiency in their decision, but few will go from driving one type of vehicle, to another, based entirely on the price of fuel. The bottom line is that most people prefer to own and drive the vehicle of their choice even if they have to drive it less or else pay a little more. When you are ready to shop new or used Toyota cars in Los Angeles, make sure you keep in mind the most important features you want in a vehicle. Thanks to improvements in fuel-efficiency, it is getting easier to enjoy better gas mileage and still get the ride with which you will be happy.