Hydrogen Power In Near Future for Toyota

Posted Monday, Dec 02, 2013 by nhtwpprod

Sometime around 2015, there will be something new and exciting at the Toyota dealership. Although North Hollywood Toyota has long been Southern California’s resource for a Prius in Los Angeles, to provide an energy-efficient hybrid or plug-in car to environmentally-conscious drivers, something impressive is on the horizon. Toyota Prius was the first hybrid to achieve mass-market acceptance, and now they have unveiled the concept version of their hydrogen fuel-cell car that is only a couple of years away.

Sure, hybrids and EVs are a great way to reduce the use of fuel and emissions. However, the FCV concept will emit nothing more than water from the tailpipes. Fuel-cell vehicles create the electricity they use for power through the combination of hydrogen and oxygen. As with any new concept, potential problems in fueling the vehicles have held back the progress of car makers wanting to be the first to get a vehicle on the market.

Toyota is getting its fair share of skepticism, but the company is no stranger to the negative attitudes that are certain to follow anything new. The same skepticism came with the introduction of the Prius when it was introduced in the US in 2000. Today, the Prius is a must-have for celebrities and California residents, alike. Car buyers aren’t surprised to find a new or used Toyota Prius on the lot alongside traditional gasoline-fueled cars. Toyota hopes that its commitment to fuel-cell technology will be followed by that of other carmakers and drivers.