An Overview of Electric EV Vehicles

Posted Wednesday, Nov 27, 2013 by nhtwpprod

Concerns over energy efficiency, and an almost universal desire to reduce the impact that burning fossil fuels has on the environment, have both led to the addition of electric vehicles at many car dealerships, including your Los Angeles Toyota. Although there are also a number of hybrids from which to choose that combine the use of gasoline with that of electric power, EVs are those that run exclusively on electricity. They operate with one or more electric motors that are powered by battery packs. In addition to the obvious advantage of reducing energy costs, these vehicles also offer other advantages that are making them a more popular choice.

One of the biggest advantages offered by EVs is that there is no tailpipe pollutants produced. No matter what your belief about the causes or effects of global warming, we can all agree that pollution is something that we can all do without. Today’s electric motors are quiet, operate smoothly, and have stronger acceleration than those in the past. In fact, they require less maintenance than their internal combustion engine counterparts.

Although there are also some concerns about EVs, such as the driving distance they can go between charges, the amount of time the battery takes to recharge, and the cost of replacing battery packs, these vehicles are a good option for city drivers who run the risk of using far more fuel than those in rural areas who drive longer distances. The technology also continues to grow. While Toyota has a greater focus for the future of fuel cell cars and hybrids, one of the most exciting additions to the lineup at the Toyota dealer in Los Angeles is the Toyota RAV4 EV. Available only in the state of California through 2014, you can find the newest model of the electric crossover at your Los Angeles Toyota dealers.