How important is color in your new vehicle

Posted Monday, Nov 04, 2013 by nhtwpprod

When you visit our Los Angeles Toyota dealership in person or online, you will have a wide array of models and colors to choose from. The color of vehicle that you choose is a symbol of your personality, whether it is a fiery red, sunny yellow, or elegant silver. Conservative colors, including black, silver, gray, and white are among the biggest sellers, but as auto makers continue to take risks by offering more dramatic paint schemes, more people are taking an interest in expressing themselves through bold color choices.

When it comes to car value, not all colors are equal. If resale value is an important consideration to you, choosing a color that isn’t too far off the beaten track will help you get more when it is time to let your vehicle go. You should know that, when you are shopping for a vehicle, those loud colors that stand out could decrease your vehicle’s value when it is time to sell.

When you shop for Toyota cars online, you will find a wide assortment of models and colors to choose from at North Hollywood Toyota. In addition to the new models, we also have the best selection of certified used Toyota vehicles that meet your criteria, and we give you the chance to choose the color that fits your specific needs. Whether you want a bright and passionate red to express your bold personality, or the conservative silver that will sustain your vehicle’s retail value, or lots of beautiful shades in between, our large inventory gives you more options to include the entire range of details that matter the most to you.