Choosing between V6 and V8 Toyota trucks

Posted Thursday, Oct 24, 2013 by nhtwpprod

The best time to decide whether you should purchase the V6 or V8 Toyota Tundra is before you head to the Toyota dealers. While some truck drivers make the choice in a pickup due to personal preference, others need a truck for their work. The way your Toyota Tundra will be used will play an important role in which of these models will be best suited to your needs. The Tundra V8 comes in a 5.7L or 4.6L size, while the V6 comes in a 4.0L size. The tradeoff between the larger and smaller engine size is between power and towing capability, and that of fuel-efficiency.

The V8 5.7L has the greatest power, delivering 381hp of power, in addition to an impressive 401 lb/ft torque — the defining feature of all Toyota trucks. How important is this to drivers who pull heavy loads? With the capability of towing 10,000 pounds and stopping 10,000 pounds, this Toyota Tundra brings power and high-performance features to make every trip easier and safer. The power behind the V8 with 4.6L motor is considered strong, in comparison to the 5.7L with the same powerful torque, and will get you uphill smoothly when you are carrying a load.

The Toyota Tundra 4.0L V6 offers greater fuel-efficiency and adequate torque to make it more affordable to drive regularly. You also have the power and torque needed to haul smaller loads whenever the need may arise. The different styles of Tundra that you will find at your Los Angeles Toyota dealers make getting the right style truck for your lifestyle easy. Once you know what size engine you need to accommodate your towing needs, the next step is to go to the Toyota dealer in Los Angeles that has the greatest selection of new and used Toyota cars in the area.