Toyota is working hard to keep drivers safe

Posted Monday, Oct 14, 2013 by nhtwpprod

It is common knowledge that teen drivers and seniors are at a higher risk of being in a vehicle accident than other drivers. While they are serious about safety and offer important safety features on their vehicles, the company goes much farther to make sure that every car buyer that visits any of their Toyota dealerships will leave with a new or certified used Toyota that will help them be a safer driver on the road. Features like Smart Stop Technology, that automatically reduce the engine’s power when the brake and accelerator pedals are pressed at the same time and under certain conditions, and TRAC, a traction control feature that automatically reduces the engine’s power when slippage is detected, are just two of the amazing safety features that help keep their vehicles under control so that accidents are prevented.

Toyoto is going further with their efforts at making drivers safer, by partnering with other organizations, to learn how some features in vehicles affect driver distraction. Distraction is credited with being the leading cause of teen and senior accidents, whether from texting, or from a passenger in the vehicle. The company does a lot of driver education projects and participates in numerous partnerships to advance auto safety. No matter how confident a driver is in their driving abilities, the right features on their car can give them more control when conditions change and the unexpected happens.

When you are shopping for new Toyota cars in Los Angeles, the kind in which you can feel good about securing your entire family, North Hollywood has the selection of vehicles with the newest safety features that you can rely on with confidence. Toyota safety just keeps getting better, year after year.