Is leasing the right choice for you?

Posted Tuesday, Oct 08, 2013 by nhtwpprod

To some people, leasing a vehicle is just like renting a home: You are throwing money away, instead of purchasing something that you will keep. For others, leasing is the preferred method for getting a car. The truth is, there are differences between drivers and their lifestyles that should play an important role in the decision to lease or purchase. Finances always play a part in the choice, whether it is the concern for being unable to qualify for affordable car loans in Los Angeles due to bad credit, or of getting better deductions for your taxes. Some professionals can write off their costs for leasing a vehicle on their taxes. For others, payments on a leased vehicle make it much easier to fit the monthly payments into their budget. The best way to decide which option is the most financially beneficial to you is to use the auto loan and auto lease calculators and compare what your payments would be.

For others, it’s all about driving a new car. Although we offer a lot of options to purchase a certified preowned Toyota that provides a superior value, some people prefer to drive a new vehicle, for less money each month, even without the ownership. When you lease a car at our Los Angeles dealership, you can drive a new Toyota every few years so that you are driving an even better car, often for less money. At the end of your lease, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of trading in your vehicle, and there are lower repair costs to consider. If you are a business person who must entertain clients in the Los Angeles area, leasing a car that is appropriate for your needs will provide you the luxurious transportation with which you want to impress your clients, while keeping your costs down.

For the wrong person, leasing a car may also have disadvantages. If you typically drive long distances, excess mileage could be an unexpected expense at the end of the lease. Not understanding your contract could lead to your not getting the vehicle that is right for your driving needs. At North Hollywood Toyota, we work with you every step of the way to ensure you get the best vehicle to meet your needs, and the financing that will make your driving experience more affordable and enjoyable. Choosing the Toyota dealers in Southern California that genuinely care about making your purchase or lease experience a good one can mean a big difference in every aspect of the driving experience.