Toyota – The American-Made Foreign Automobile

Posted Wednesday, Oct 02, 2013 by nhtwpprod

Compromise isn’t usually anyone’s favorite way to settle a dispute. Today, people are more determined than ever to support the economy by purchasing American-made products whenever possible. When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, you may not be getting the product that you think you are. The fact is, when you walk into North Hollywood Toyota Dealers in Los Angeles, many of the vehicles on the lot are actually more American than many of the brands that have long been thought of as being American.

If your idea of purchasing an American car is to buy one that is assembled in this country using a majority of domestic parts, then Toyota is right at the top of the list. Top American companies like Ford and General Motors are still considered as such because their shareholders are mostly in the United States. The way that the system of manufacturing, assembling and selling cars works can be very complex, and the path that the profits take can be difficult to follow. The important thing to note, when considering the impact that selling Toyota vehicles in America has on the country’s economy, is that through marketing, research and testing, and manufacturing and sales in the United States, the world’s biggest car company generates a lot of cash flow, here, and they pay US taxes. At a time when job growth is an important topic that hits close to home for many, Toyota is paying employees in America to build their cars here and spend their money on other American products.

Every customer who comes through the door of North Hollywood Toyota dealer in Los Angeles has a different set of priorities, values, circumstances and needs in a new or certified preowned Toyota. We work with them to find the one vehicle that will meet their criteria and turn them into a happy customer. For any individual who has a great concern for buying American-made products in support of their country, we have the cars, trucks, SUVs and crossovers that exceed the domestic contribution you will find in many so-called American brands. We are also home to the vehicles that more people buy for quality, value, safety, performance, and style. When you purchase a new or pre-owned Toyota vehicle, it is a transaction that you can feel good about on any level.