The Best Selling Car is Camry

Posted Wednesday, Oct 02, 2013 by nhtwpprod

There are a number of reasons that so many people go to their Los Angeles Toyota dealer in search of the perfect car, only to drive off behind the wheel of the Toyota Camry. The Camry has been the top-selling car for more than a decade, and the 2014 model includes many of the same features that were a part of the car in recent years. Subtle changes in the newest version of the Camry are a slightly larger interior with more room for rear seat passengers. While the 2014 Camry you find at your local Toyota dealer will look very nearly the same as the 2013 model, it is available in a wider range of colors and a new wheel design. The new Camry also has a choice in trim levels, including the base model L, LE, sporty SE and the top line model, XLE.

At North Hollywood Toyota, we know that the best pre-owned cars are those that were the best new ones. We offer you a number of incentives and specials to get a certified preowned Toyota Camry for a great price, so that you can experience what thousands of other drivers who have driven a Camry have appreciated for years. Whether you purchase the newly updated 2014 Camry, or elect to purchase a certified used Toyota, you are going to take home a vehicle that you can appreciate for comfort, safety, fuel-efficiency, performance and great looks. If you are looking for a hybrid that doesn’t look like a hybrid, the Camry hybrid fits the bill, with a vehicle that combines the quality vehicle that drivers love, with the fuel-efficiency of a hybrid.

Every driver who comes to North Hollywood Toyota has a unique set of circumstances that will determine which vehicle will be the right choice for them. The Toyota Camry has proven to have the features that make it the right choice for more of these drivers. We will help you look at your circumstances to determine if the Camry is a good choice for you, and we will explain the different options you have available to you. We can also help you determine whether the 2014 Camry will fit into your budget, or whether a certified used Toyota Camry will be the better choice for you.