New for 2013 at the Toyota Dealers in LA

Posted Wednesday, Oct 02, 2013 by nhtwpprod

There are a number of reasons that needing a new vehicle to drive means it is time to head to your Los Angeles Toyota dealership. It’s no secret that the entire line of Toyota vehicles offers you the most important qualities, from reliability to stunning good lucks. Each year, Toyota brings something new to the table to make it a little harder for customers to narrow down their choice to just one vehicle. Each year, the technology improves, and so do the features that matter to you. When you visit the Los Angeles Toyota dealers with the largest selection of vehicles in the area, you will find better fuel-efficiency, greater safety, another level of comfort and, yes, even better looking Toyota vehicles than ever before!

The 2014 Toyota Highlander is bringing more cargo room, enhanced safety features, and access to the latest technology. The interior is more sophisticated than its predecessors, and the performance and handling make it the ideal way to take the entire family or the whole gang to new adventures at the other end of the road. If saving energy is at the top of your list, the 2014 Prius offers an outstanding choice in a hybrid. Shop for the Prius 5 at our Los Angeles dealership, and enjoy added features, such as the panoramic view moonroof.

The popularity of the Toyota Corolla is further enhanced by an all-new exterior, added comfort features, and high tech style that helps you drive smarter. Eight standard airbags make up the Star Safety System, so that you stay safe no matter where you ride. With every curve re-thought, you can also rest assured that yours will be one of the best-looking vehicles on the road. Also new is the Toyota Rav4 crossover in three trim levels, and a choice of front- or all-wheel-drive. No matter what your priorities are for a new vehicle, you can find the best styles and selection of features from your North Hollywood Toyota Dealer in Los Angeles. Now is the time to start looking at what 2014 Toyotas have to make your life easier.