2022 Toyota Prius Gas Mileage

November 11th, 2021 by
2021 Toyota Prius driving at night

The Toyota Prius is a classic and well-renowned vehicle in the hybrid game. Sun Valley drivers have recognized it for years as a groundbreaking vehicle. This model year takes that reputation to the next level with updated features and the Toyota Prius mpg rating. Explore how this vehicle continuously conquers its competitors with North Hollywood Toyota.

Mission Hills drivers are probably wondering what the figures are when it comes to the 2022 Toyota Prius gas mileage. The 2022 model year EPA-estimated ratings reach up to 58 mpg city and 53 mpg highway. Any driver can agree that these are exceptional numbers. Check out the Toyota Prius Hybrid mpg rating, and then contact our team at North Hollywood Toyota to get behind the wheel ASAP.

2022 Toyota Prius MPG Ratings by Configuration

Not only does the 2022 Prius save you money on gas, but it is capable of handling a large number of jobs on your daily Van Nuys and Mission Hills drives. Check out the incredible level of capabilities available with each of the configurations below:

However, keep in mind that depending on the configuration you choose, the Toyota Prius Hybrid mpg figures could vary. With that being said, here are the 2022 Toyota Prius mpg numbers based on the configuration you choose:

  • 2022 Toyota Prius L Eco: 58 mpg city/53 mpg highway
  • 2022 Toyota Prius LE: 54 mpg city/50 mpg highway
  • 2022 Toyota Prius LE AWD-e: 54 mpg city/47 mpg highway
  • 2022 Toyota Prius XLE: 54 mpg city/50 mpg highway
  • 2022 Toyota Prius XLE AWD-e: 51 mpg city/47 mpg highway
  • 2022 Toyota Prius Nightshade Edition AWD-e: 51 mpg city/47 mpg highway
  • 2022 Toyota Prius Nightshade FWD: 54 mpg city/50 mpg highway
  • 2022 Toyota Prius Limited: 54 mpg city/50 mpg highway

2022 Toyota Prius Gas Mileage Regarding Performance 

The 2022 Toyota Prius configurations include an AWD-e configuration. AWD-e provides Toyota Prius drivers with more traction on Mission Hills roads. AWD-e is not the only performance feature that comes with the new Toyota Prius. Check out some of the other features that improve the 2022 Toyota Prius gas mileage:

  • 1.8L 4-cylinder hybrid powertrain
  • 121 horsepower 
  • MacPherson strut front suspension
  • Power-assisted ventilated front disk brakes
  • Solid rear disc brakes with integrated regenerative braking system
  • Multi-link rear suspension
  • Electric power steering

Keep Saving with the 2022 Toyota Prius!

Saving money and fuel as you drive around North Hollywood is only the beginning when you hop into the 2022 Toyota Prius. Contact us and schedule your test drive, and we will get you behind the wheel ASAP. Be sure to explore our specials to see how you can save money today.


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